How to change account in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise Of Kingdoms It is a game that requires a lot of strategy, which is free for all kinds of mobile devices and computers. This game has become popular in recent months and has generated a large number of followers, who try to get the most out of the experience that this war game offers you.

Many users in the community sometimes start off on the wrong foot, so they want to get rid of the account they have today to start over. Truly, this is not accurate, in this article we are going to explain how change account in Rise of Kingdoms, without needing to remove your old account. 

How to change account in Rise of Kingdoms

How to change account in Rise of Kingdoms

In case you don't need your old account, you can gift it in the sets of Rise Of Kingdoms, it is possible that another user can get more out of it or find a way to recover it. You must go to the main settings of the game and log out to be able to return to attest the respective data to create a new account.

If your mobile device does not let you carry out this procedure, you can go to the files where each and every one of the applications installed on your phone or portable appears, press the Rise Of Kingdoms and then you press the option to delete data, with this you would be starting the game from scratch, even more so holding the data of your old account. 

You must estimate that changing accounts can count as hours of ban on your mobile device in order to acceder al Rise Of KingdomsIn general, most users use a single account per device, but that does not mean that it is impossible to avoid this type of sanctions, you should only open your old account on occasion, even if you are not going to carry out any kind of activity. 

Join the Rise Of Kingdoms and use multiple accounts wisely. 

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