How Upload to Corona PubG Mobile

Having the crown level is one thing you should opt for if you want to get ancillary rewards in the game. Today we are going to teach you how to quickly climb to the crown in PUBG Mobile, so that you can access each and every one of the peculiarities that this range can offer you. This is one of the highest ranks that can be achieved in PubG Mobile. To get here you will have to work hard and we are going to give you certain tips that work so that you can achieve it.

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How to Upload to Corona PubG Mobile

How to Upload to Corona PubG Mobile

Climbing to the crown in PUBG Mobile not only means being among the three highest ranks in the game, but also being one of the best players in all of Battle Royale. Those who are here have invested enough time in the game to claim that they deserve it.

3700 points are enough to get here, and can be easily achieved by playing in defensive mode.

This means camping and placing yourself in areas where it is difficult for your opponents to see, but it is multiplied for you. An example of this are the mountainous areas, at the moment you are at the top. Having the opponents at lower levels means a competitive advantage due to the fact that you have more coverage capacity, apart from a completely expanded field of view.

Campear, as we have said previously, can march. The only thing you need is a good area with enough cover, where you can hide, and a rifle with a silencer. Try to go with a car to the box to collect the AVM and get out of there as fast as you can.

This strategy is powerful but jaded. You will have to sit down and wait for someone to appear to delete it, and taking into account that a game lasts a minute or more, you would be all the time moving to the safe zone or hiding from the rest. However, this will further ensure your victory.

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