How to activate the microphone in Apex Legends 

Problems with voice chat usually happen to users who enjoy any online game from their PC. Multiple players who enjoy Apex Legends from their computers have had problems communicating when they are in a joint Battle Royale game. Commenting their protests from the official pages of the developers, since the voice chat works for them in other games and in the Apex Legends No.

For the most part, players who love this shooter cannot communicate through the microphone, it works when they are in the trial period, but then in game they cannot communicate. In the article, we will explain how to activate the microphone in Apex Legends.  

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How to activate the microphone in Apex Legends 

How to activate the microphone in Apex Legends 

The problem that happens to most Apex Legends players is that their microphone is not properly adjusted with the Windows settings, because each and every Apex program has a different configuration than a computer does. PC system. Therefore, to activate the microphone in Apex Legends You must change the default settings and make them as close as possible to the game programs, with this you will solve each and every one of the sound problems.

Having voice chat running optimally is essential to improve our gaming experience in Apex Legends, because with it we can communicate faster than sending a message from text chat. When you play in teams of three, they must do everything necessary to survive against the other teams, being a more rigorous game mode in terms of positioning and the different strategies that must be used to remove the other teams that are also going to be well organized. join the Apex Legends and do everything necessary to have your microphone working optimally in the game.

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