How to Activate Bots in Apex Legends 

Apex Legends is a game for video consoles based on real combat with a very fast and furious rhythm, where it is necessary to handle basic aspects of any shooting game such as the proper use of weapons according to their category, positioning, group tactics and everything necessary to survive in Battle Royale mode.

It is essential that the users of the community can progress their level playing against other people both in the perfect individual mode and in a group, as well as enter a practice phase where they can flourish their skills to one hundred percent . Bots are a simple form of power to be able to interpret different situations on the battlefield, which are going to be essential when practicing each and every one of the basic aspects of the game. In the article, we are going to explain how you can activate the bots on Apex Legends

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How to Activate Bots in Apex Legends 

How to Activate Bots in Apex Legends 

The Respawn Entertainment company has been in charge of introducing certain innovations in the shooting range so that we can play against AI users, which will allow us to progress our level of play in many aspects. Nowadays, the bots are only free for the practice arena, called the "shooting range". 

In order to activate the bots in Apex Legends, the first thing you must do is enter the shooting range, where you will meet many players who are in practice. After you are inside it, you will be able to observe that there are two dimly lit grottoes, you must take the grotto that appears on the left hand side, the one that is called by the community players as "the spawning grotto".

From there, drop each and every one of the weapons with which you entered the shooting range, in order for the perfect game mode to work. Press the letter M in case you play on PC and choose the legendary Pathfinder story. When you are in the grotto with Pathfinder, pick up the beam that is at the bottom, in a very dark area, with this tool you will go up the Horizon gravity elevator to jump the savannah at the bottom, it requires you to have a lot of technique for this. 

After you pass this procedure, you change the legend story again, you will hear a sound and you must run to pick up your weapons on the shelves, some robots will begin to appear that take a while to shoot and move, then a lot of them will appear with more game level, and thus, you will be able to activate the bots in Apex Legends. 

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