How to Activate Chat in Apex Legends 

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When we play any online shooter that has options to play together, it is necessary to have communication with our partners to propose strategies and be able to finish off each of the opponents that we are going to be achieving around the map. In Apex Legends, we can form teams of three, those who have to be very coordinated to be able to head to the path of victory. Voice chat is one of the most common ways to talk with our partners, apart from being the most effective in most shooting games.

However, it is essential to use text chat when our colleagues do not have a microphone or have connection problems and be able to communicate with them in one way or another. This chat alternative does not appear enabled from the default settings, which has many players in the Apex Legends community concerned. Although it is an easy procedure, beginner users who are just starting their adventure in the game do not know how to do it. In this article, we are going to explain briefly and in detail how activate chat on Apex Legends.

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How to Activate Chat in Apex Legends 

How to Activate Chat in Apex Legends 

This problem happens more than anything to users who enjoy the Apex Legends From a console, this usually happens when we have the game in the Spanish version, and pressing the key on the controller that allows us to access the keyboard does not carry out any kind of action. The first thing you should do is open Apex Legends, and go to the main configuration of the game, press the "accessibility" option and press the button on your controller with which you want to activate the chat, it is a very simple procedure, but no each and every player in the community knows him.

You can also apply this procedure when you play it on PC, the only difference is that you choose a letter on your keyboard to be able to have text chat, keep Apex Legends in its English version and you will be able to communicate through messages apart from chat voice. 

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