How much is your Brawl Stars account worth?

How much is your Brawl Stars account worth?

Brawl Star is an incredible that for several years is very present in many mobiles, Supercell (author company), takes care of create mobile games with very addictive themes and really well achieved, at levels that you can play them by chance, or in a more competitive way. 

Throughout these years we have seen how they came out new brawlers, with unique themes and gameplay, which reflect the diversity of characters that you can find in this game. Skins is another section that offers value to your accounts, if you are from the beginning you probably have great legendary skins. And if in addition to this, you purchased the battle pass your account will have even more value. 

If you are one of the many players of Brawl Star that from the beginning was harvesting Skins, rewards and other prizes that the game gave, this article is ideal for you. Here we are going to show you how much my brawl stars account is worth, clearly and explained in the best possible way. 

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How much is your Brawl Stars account worth?

How to know how much your Brawl Stars Account is worth

As we stated previously, if you've been maxing for quite some time each of the characters in the game, and you have unique skins or skins that you can no longer find in the store today, you are probably going to ask yourself this question.

But it is essential to highlight that doing this will end your story in the game and that if you have feelings in the game, apart from the famous money. Since, it is possible that you regret it if you do not think about it before. 

If you are a cold and vile man like any of your brawlers since we continue forward. To know the value of your account You must first go to this link. 

  • Once you enter this link you must enter the tag of your user in the search engine.
  • At the end you must enter the level of your brawlers, as well as, if you have any gadgets, and which winners you have unlocked. 
  • In one part below you will see how, as you add the information, the value of gems in your account will increase. 
  • Later, you will have to hold a calculator and see how much is the value in euros or dollars, depending on what you use, of the gems that I throw at the end of the web. And that will be the value of your account. 

It is essential to highlight that on this website you will find all the information you need, not just the cost in gems from your account, it gives you information on how many points you have spent to max your brawlers, map information, game tips, and strategies to play a certain genre of winners that require different gameplay. 

We hope this information has helped you and you finally see the value of your account after playing for so long. We recommend that you read our other articles related to the planet of Brawl Stars and other games on our website. 

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