How much is a PubG Mobile UC worth?

Knowing how much a PUBG Mobile UC is worth can be vital if you want to acquire the Pass Royale, or simply if you are curious about it. In the article we are going to talk about the cost of UC, the packages you can buy and everything you need to know about the economy of PUBG Mobile. How are you going to know? PUBG Mobile It is not free to play, or at least not totally. The game can be downloaded for free on any platform, but in terms of functionality, the player's capabilities are greatly diminished when he does not purchase a Royal Pass.

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How much is a PubG Mobile UC worth?

How much is a PubG Mobile UC worth?

In the store there are different bundles of UC that you can buy. There are those of sixty, three hundred, six hundred, fifteen hundred, three thousand and six thousand. The more you acquire, the game gives you a certain percentage of the UC, and each package has a set cost. Here we are going to take as a reference the basic bundle of sixty UCs, which does not have any kind of discount or gift. This costs one with three USD, which means that you would be buying each UC at zero with seventeen US dollars, or what is exactly the same, practically two cents. 

It may even seem affordable, but taking into account that the Royal Pass costs around XNUMX UC, you should buy the XNUMX bundle, which costs about fifty-one and two US dollars. The best thing is that the more you buy, the more the game gives you. In a sense, the more UCs your purchase contains, the more affordable they sell it. To serve as an example, in the largest package, that of six thousand UC, they give two thousand one hundred as a gift. This means that you acquire eight thousand one hundred credits. 

In the end, you buy each UC for a cost of zero with twelve USD, or just over 1 cent. The only drawback is spending that amount of money in the game, which will undoubtedly have an impact on your personal economy.

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