How much is my Clash Royale Account worth?

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To play Clash Royale for so long and devoting your dedication to getting more drinks has its benefits. But why? since there are many platforms where you can sell your account Clash Royale in a safe way. This is a business that has become very popular for some time with different current games.

If you already have the idea in your psyche to sell your Clash Royale account, it is essential to know how much is my account worth Clash Royale. Likewise, as there are platforms where you will be able to sell them; There are websites where you will be able to put your account data and know an approximate amount. If you want to know more, keep reading!

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How much is my Clash Royale Account worth?

how much is my clash royale account worth

The Fair Play of this game establishes that players should not sell their accounts, but that does not erase the fact that there are players who certainly sell their accounts, and before doing so they must conveniently calculate the value of exactly the same. Perhaps this is not your case, and you want to know just for fun what the approximate value of your account would be, and to know it you must take into account multiple factors that you will be able to read below:

  • The sand level you are on: It is essential to estimate this factor, since exactly it is quite decisive when knowing the value of an account; An account with three thousand cups is not exactly the same as an account with five thousand and in the legendary arena.
  • How maxed are your cards: Another fundamental factor would be to know the level of your cards, that is, if they are cards that are at low levels, they will not do exactly the same damage as others that are maxed.
  • The strangeness of the cards you hold: What is the strangeness of the cards you have? Do you have more epic cards than legendary? This will also determine the value of your account.
  • The amount of gems and coins you have in your account: We know how difficult it is to get these resources, so an account that has them is a gem.
  • Number of cards accumulated: The game has more than a hundred cards, if you don't have a huge percentage your account won't be worth that much.
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