How Much Does the New PubG Mobile Update Weigh?

The new PUBG update came out on January XNUMXst and it has a ton of new stuff. From being a superhero to playing as an anime character. Today we are going to show you how much the new PUBG Mobile update weighs. As you will know, it is a somewhat heavy game in which, if you do not have the precise requirements, you could be left without playing. Therefore, it is to your advantage to read this article about the weight of the update of PUBG Mobile.

Although the game has a certain weight, we always recommend installing each and every one of the updates when they come out. This allows access to new material as soon as possible, such as bug and crash fixes. 

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How Much Does the New PubG Mobile Update Weigh?

How Much Does the New PubG Mobile Update Weigh?

Likewise, what you are going to read applies to each and every one of the PUBG Mobile updates. Most of them come to the same weight, since in the end it is always exactly the same game, only with certain lines of code disturbed. Now, the game weighs one hundred and four GB by itself. You need to have at least three GB free to be able to download this update without fail. This will let you enjoy the game in its full capacity. 

This latest update is quite loaded. The addition of new maps makes the game little by little more interesting, apart from the rebalancing of weapons. Without a doubt, it is an update that you must download. 

At the time, you could have played as Spider-Man due to the collaborative activity with Marvel, but until today this event has ended. Now we are preparing for the new cooperation with the authors of Jujutsu Kaisen, who plan to make their anime known by placing it as playable material in PUBG Mobile. We hope that the information has been useful to you and that you have managed to decide whether or not to download the new PUBG Mobile update in this two thousand and twenty two.

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