How much does PubG Mobile weigh with everything downloaded?

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When we talk about the Battle Royale genre developed for mobile environments, it is impossible for us not to use PUBG Mobile as a reference. However, one of the things that characterizes the game is the excess space it occupies. For each and every one of those people who want to know, today we are going to show how much it weighs PUBG Mobile with everything downloaded. 

It should be noted that this value changes over time. The game may introduce alterations to the map from time to time, in order to make the game more educational. We are not going to take this kind of alterations into account because it is momentary, and we will only mention the resources that are there and that, as a general rule, are not moved. 

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How much does PubG Mobile weigh with everything downloaded?

How much does PubG Mobile weigh with everything downloaded?

If you go to the downloadable resources panel, you will see that there is a pretty large set of extensions that you can have in the game. Place yourself in it by pressing the cloud that is face up on the left. 

Here you are going to see bundles of resources that, despite being optional, greatly improve the active game. First you will see the bundle of recommended resources and the traditional maps. These must be downloaded if you want to play in acceptable quality, and on each and every map you want. You will also find the arena maps, the bulk of system resources and finally, the traditional graphic resources, which make up more than fifty percent of the weight of the downloadable material and therefore we invite you to download after everything else. 

In total, PUBG Mobile with everything downloaded weighs about seven and fifty-two Gb, not counting thematic events. If you want to download them, they would not add much to the total download, due to the fact that they are not usually very heavy. In the same way, we invite you to have at least 15GB free on your phone. Otherwise, you will not be able to run the game smoothly due to lack of space. 

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