How Much Does a PubG Mobile Account Cost?

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PUBG Mobile could be very addictive, but when it comes to keeping loyal players, it fails a bit, to the point where they decide to never use their account again. If you are one of the people who are trying to sell their account and you don't know what cost to put on it, we are going to show you today what the cost of an account is. PUBG Mobile, how you can sell it and where to sell it.

First of all you have to make an evaluation of your account. It's about knowing what things you have, what things you don't have and what things you could achieve. Let's start with the simplest calculation, the UCs. A unit of credit costs around zero and sixteen euros. Your account value will go up based on this number.

This means that for every hundred UCs that are inside, you will earn one with six euros more. Now, let's move on to the complicated calculation. This depends not only on the things you have, but rather on the system you use to value them.

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How Much Does a PubG Mobile Account Cost?

How Much Does a PubG Mobile Account Cost?

Now let's take into account the age of the account. A user created when the game came out will always and in all circumstances be more expensive than another who has just started playing. You can add one more euro to the value for all the years that the account is active, although that depends on the following factor to be estimated.

It's all about the number of unique items you have. An old account is worth nothing if you haven't played the seasons and won the suits in each and every one. An account with all the exclusive objects, including the skins, increases its value by about one hundred and thirty euros. 

The last factor to estimate is the ban alarms. If an account is in the red, at the point where one more alarm could make it disappear from the system, its value could be reduced by seventy percent.

Finally, to give you an idea, an account that is one year old costs around fifty euros, but absolutely no one will buy it. Focus on improving it until it is worth more than a hundred euros and then sell it on the free market.

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