How many seasons does Apex Legends have

Apex Legends has a long way to go. Like Battle Royale, it has achieved what few others have done, as an example, to thrive in a way that today is among the main options when you want to explore the world of gaming. If you want to remember, and be clear about how many seasons Apex Legends has, we show it to you now in the article. 

The seasons of Apex Legends they are very, very different from other games. While the rest make partial improvements, be it to the environment, settings, and even maps or skins, this game adds them all in no time.

This means that each of the seasons brings with it a lot of work. This to keep us alert to what's coming next, apart from keeping the players playing. And there is nothing better than a game that changes continuously. This can be inferred from the number of downloads and players the game has today. 

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How many seasons does Apex Legends have

How many seasons does Apex Legends have

Currently, Apex Legends has one seasons. As we have said before, each of them themed in a different way, and with updates that were worth playing at the time. During the seasons, a kind of lore has also been created around the game, which is closely related to other games in the industry. Today, the fights seem to take place thirty years after the Battle of Typhon, a fairly essential event in the Titanfall game. 

In fact, certain Battle Royale characters are based on others already developed in that installment. An example of this is Pathfinder. Without a doubt, the theme of the seasons is quite interesting. Let's just wait until further updates continue to come out with more content that will certainly add relevance to Apex Legends.

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