How much does Apex Legends cost?

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Apex Legends is a Battle Royale released on February XNUMX, XNUMX, which in search of creating a renewed gaming experience for the gamer community, tried to be an entertaining game, with a promise to evolve the Battle Royale world. And it is that before this there were different games with exactly the same theme, such as PUBG or Fortnite, but none had a set of skills for each character that is chosen, but the only one that was improved were the skins. 

In a way, the previous Battle Royale was based on your ability to achieve successful battle strategies, such as collecting and directing materials, since each and every player has the same statistics. Each and every one of the characters runs at exactly the same speed, and none can access any mechanics that allow them to be physically superior to the rest. 

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How much does Apex Legends cost?

How much does Apex Legends cost?

Then comes Apex with the skill mechanic, which not only allows for a distinction between players, but also the game doesn't depend on your abilities, but rather on the character you choose. And this is the revolutionary term that Apex offers: a selection of characters, with different peculiarities that allow players to be separated by classes, so that then you can still survive thanks to the character you have chosen, and not only because of the fact that you know how to shoot 

Apex is currently free in any and all stores. For PC, it weighs a total of 26GB, so you will need a bit of space to play it. That said, the game also requires some processing power to run smoothly. Do not think that with 4GB of RAM you will be able to play, even if it is free. On the other hand, for consoles there will be no problem. Apex Legends it is optimized for each one of them, and they do not have unbalance problems. 

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