How many people play Clash Royale in Spain

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Given the popularity of certain games they can burst into thousands and billions of users on their platforms. For this reason, if you want to know how many people play Clash Royale in Spain, here we will assist you to know what is precise regarding the massive movement of players in this country.

Furthermore, in a recent investigation of the target market that has the game Clash Royale by a company dedicated to mobile devices. This incredible game for video consoles developed by the company Supercell has countless enthusiasts who log on daily for entertainment as well as planning their battle strategies.

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How many people play Clash Royale in Spain

How many people play Clash Royale in Spain?

This incredible mobile game focused on the war between factions is very popular among internet users in Spain since it is an absolutely free app. But, at the time of making an update or modifications you will have to pay real money to do so. In Spain they play close to 2 million active users this nice title.

Also, this game has an amazing performance from the moment it was released. Now, we are going to show you each and every one of the precise data of the fact that this video game is trending:

  • More than three hundred and fifty Million downloads between the platforms of Android/IOS.
  • Two million enthusiasts are connected around the planet.
  • Clash Royale It is played in more than one hundred and eighty countries.
  • The number 1 player of Clash Royale is located in Mexico.
  • Only on the platform IOS has made a net profit of roughly two hundred million US dollars at its inception.
  • Daily it is estimated that they enter a las arcas de Supercell approximately a couple of million US dollars.
  • From the beginning of the game to date, it has earned more than two billion US dollars.
  • With the sale of gems alone, he can earn an income of three hundred thousand US dollars daily.
  • The developer of the strategy game Clash Royale became the first download site, after deposing Clash of clans, from exactly the same company Supercell.
  • The United States leads as the first country with the highest downloads of the Clash Royale game.
  • The game of Clash Royale It has a stack of downloads on Google Play of more than fifty million today.
  • Mobile game downloads outperform PC or laptop downloads.
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