How many downloads does Clash Royale have?

Some time ago, a market research carried out on the game Clash Royale by a private company dedicated to mobile devices, notifies that the game for video consoles developed by the company Supercell, has countless enthusiasts connected daily to incorporate their strategies into battle.

The game for video game consoles of war and cards where battle strategies are incorporated free for download; but the moment you want an update, you must spend real money to purchase the improvements in the official game store. Is it interesting for you to know how many downloads do you have Clash Royale? Since, you are not the only one! So if you want to know, keep reading!

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How many downloads does Clash Royale have?

how many downloads does clash royale have

The game Clash Royale Since its creation by the Finnish company Supercell, it has had millions of US dollars in profit. Here we are going to show you each and every one of the surprising numbers that make Clash Royale the trending game.

  1. More than three hundred and fifty million downloads between Android / IOS platforms.
  2. Clash Royale is played in more than 180 countries.
  3. own around the planet 40 million connected enthusiasts.
  4. Outperform game downloads in mobile devices than those made on a PC or laptop.
  5. Only on the IOS platform has it achieved net profits of more or less 200 million in its beginnings.
  6. On a daily basis, it is estimated that an approximate of two million dollars.
  7. Just by selling gems you can get an income of three hundred thousand US dollars daily.
  8. The Clash Royale game has a lot of downloads on Google Play of more than one hundred million nowadays.
  9. The developer of the strategy game Clash Royale was placed on the first download site, after deposing Clash of clans, from the exact same company Supercell.

This company has its beginnings in the year of two thousand and ten, and is located in Finland, its authors were a group of young dreamers with a real talent for developing games on mobile devices.

Its main peculiarities to achieve a larger market is that the game of Clash Royale It was free for download and installation, where little by little small payments would be entered in the game App.

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