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Vikings have been added to the game lately, and certain things have changed, so chances are civilizations that were known to be the best have probably ended up nerfed. If you want to know which is the best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms for this two thousand and twenty two, we show it to you now in this post

France was considered the best civilization of each and every one in Rise of Kingdoms, but as we have told you, it is possible that this has altered somewhat. Now, we will clarify each and every one of the doubts you have about the best Rise of Kingdoms civilization. Remember that if the one you have today is not the one we will claim to be the best, you can change civilizations without any kind of side effect that could affect yours. You will not lose your soldiers, resources or progress. The only thing that will change is the gender of troops you have. 

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What is the best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms?

The best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms

La best Rise of Kingdom civilizations at present has altered. It's no longer France with Joan of Arc as the commander, where farming is pretty simple in the beginning. This is a bit of rennet for people who already use it as their main, but it is what it is. 

Truth be told, the fact that France was a bit broken beforehand made the game a bit unfair. Today, this has changed and the game continues in full balance. This means that the meta has indeed been removed from the game. 

There is no longer a civilization that beats the rest by being the best of each and every one and having super powerful abilities. Today, each and every one of them has something unique, whose rebalancing from time to time has ensured that each one has its own strategy, forms of play, and unique plays for each genre of situation, where you do not depend on the civilization you choose, but rather on your ability to do something useful with the benefits it gives. 

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