How is the Best Legendary Story of Apex Legends

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Know what is the best legend story of Apex Legends it may be something useful for you. Keep in mind that a large part of the victory is not due to you, but rather to your team. Therefore, having this kind of information never hurts, taking into account that what you are trying to do is prosper as a player. Knowing what we are going to tell you now will not only allow you to save to acquire the character, but you will also learn about their abilities and the way in which they have to be used, thus transforming you into a player fully capable of getting ahead. 

What is the Best Apex Legends Legendary Story

What is the Best Apex Legends Legend Story

First we are going to tell you something, and that is that we are not only going to show you the best legend story of Apex Legends, but we are also going to teach you what you should use according to your player profile. Keep in mind that each character has a strategy, more broadly speaking, they can all be offensive, protective and tactical. There is also a better legendary story for newbies, in case you are just starting out and want to learn the mechanics and basics of Apex Legends. This is the city of Bangalore. His fairly comprehensive skill set will allow you to learn more about the game before you appreciate specializing in one style.

If you already have a game strategy defined, in which we have previously mentioned, then you are ready to select the best legend story in each category. First, we are going to show you the best offensive legendary story. And it is that it is not only or nothing less than Pathfinder, a robot whose hook allows you to have momentum to enter and exit the battle. His skill set will let you be a huge offensive player, with a huge attacking ability. 

The best protector character in the game is Gibraltar. This legendary story has a set of actions that transform it into a mobile shield. Ideal for escape planning, coverage and protection.

Lastly, the best Apex Legends tactical legend story is Bloodhound. This character has tracking and location abilities that make him stand out from the rest, allowing him to spot opponents from a distance. 

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