Genshin Impact The Catch: How to Get, Weapon Ascension Materials, and More

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The Genshin Impact 2.1 update “Floating World under the Moonlight” will introduce the Electro Archon, Baal, as one of the playable characters that players can obtain from the Reign of Serenity event wish banner.

Since Baal is an electro user and a polearm wielder, two new polearms are also coming to the game. We're talking about The Catch and the Engulfing Lightning.

The Catch is a four-star weapon whose secondary stat is Energy Recharge%, and weapon skill, Shanty, which increases Elemental Burst DMG by 16% and Elemental Burst CRIT Rate by 6. one of the best, if not the best weapon. for Baal.

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Keep in mind that the stats above are only from the R1 version of The Catch. With a level 5 refinement, the Catch is even better than the Engulfing Lightning. Why can you ask?. Because weapon skill is not based on Baal stats. And, the Catch is a free weapon.

How to get the polearm The Catch

Polearm "The Catch" at base level. (Photo: miHoYo)

Players can obtain the polearm "The Catch" from the Inazuma Fishing Association. Once the Version 2.1 update is live and you're done with the new introduction to fishing activities, go talk to the NPC, Kujirai Momiji. You can find her near the shores of Inazuma City. You can exchange the polearm for certain items that are not yet known.

But since it's tied to the new fishing activity, you'll probably have to trade fish for the weapon.

Catch's climbing gear

Baal equipping a max level polearm "The Catch". (Photo: miHoYo)

Here are the Ascension materials needed to max out The Catch.

Ascension level 1

  • Evil Lieutenant Mask X 3

  • Chaos Gear X 3

  • Spectral Carcass X 2

  • Dirty X 5

Ascension level 2

  • Tiger Bite Mask X 3

  • Chaos Gear X 12

  • Spectral Carcass X 8

  • Dirty X 15

Ascension level 3

  • Tiger Bite Mask X 6

  • Axis of Chaos X 6

  • Spectral Heart X 6

  • Dirty X 20

Ascension level 4

  • Penguin Mask X 3

  • Axis of Chaos X 12

  • Spectral Heart X 9

  • Dirty X 30

Ascension level 5

  • Penguin Mask X 3

  • Axis of Chaos X 12

  • Spectral Heart X 9

  • Dirty X 35

Ascension level 6

  • Kijin Mask X 4

  • Chaos Oculus X 18

  • Spectral Core X 12

  • Dirty X 45

How to get Chaos Axis, Chaos Gear and Chaos Oculus

Sentinels of Ruin in Araumi. (Photo: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Players can obtain Chaos Axis, Chaos Gear, and Chaos Oculus by defeating Ruin Sentinels. These are new enemies found in the Inazuma region, specifically in the Araumi region of Narukami Island.

How to get Spectral Husk, Heart and Nucleus

Players can obtain the Spectral Husk and its higher variants by defeating the newly added enemies, Spectres.

Où se procurer Mask of the Wicked Lieutenant, One-Horned et Kijin

The Court of Flowing Sands Estate is located north of the Grand Narukami Shrine. (Photo: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Players can obtain the Evil Lieutenant's Mask and its superior variants from the Flowing Sand Court Estate on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

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