For the fact that I can not enter PubG Mobile

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Even the best-known incredible games in the world have small bugs due to different details that emerge time after their release on mobile devices, because they must be optimized for multiple operating systems, in such a way that it can run at one hundred percent. In such a case, PubG Mobile is not the exception, many users in the community have written their protests on the official pages of PubG and Tencent Games, apart from the bad beliefs posted on the Google Play Store.

In this case, we invite you to be patient, since you could be the victim of any of these bugs at any given moment. This article helps you solve your entrance to the PUBG Mobile

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Why can't I get into PubG Mobile?

Why can't I get into PubG Mobile?

For a few months the game has been presenting a bug to multiple users of the community worldwide, where it asks you for a sudden update when you already have each and every one of the precise packages so that the game can run well, this bug prevents you from being able to load the server in your area and, therefore, prevents you from being able to enter the game home page to start the session.  

When these disconnection problems begin on your nearby server and you cannot enter PubG Mobile, two options may be happening, the first is that your network connection is running slowly or with a very weak connection, so you must restart your internet equipment or look for one with which you can play optimally according to the requirements demanded by the game for its quality. The other alternative is that the server is actually undergoing maintenance, due to some internal failure that has occurred beforehand in a game, when this happens, you must wait patiently for the next update. 

Remember to keep your phone's cache memory and database clean so that you don't experience any errors when entering PubG Mobile.

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