For the fact that I can't play PubG Mobile

PubG Mobile is one of the most popular games for mobile devices in recent times, a really well-developed saga with graphic quality and very realistic effects, which positions it among the best three shooters on the platform. Without any doubt, it is a shooting game that the entire community that loves games wants to try, because it has millions of downloads on devices with Android and IOS systems, and has significantly expanded for PCs and consoles.

Many players in the community have recently had problems playing PubG Mobile, this happens because the minimum requirement to play it is to have a mid/high-end phone, in addition to this, in this article we are going to explain other problems that can stop you from playing PUBG Mobile.

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Why can't I play PubG Mobile?

Why can't I play PubG Mobile?

Most of the users who cannot play PubG Mobile is due to the fact that they have problems with regard to the server connection, this is the most frequent problem among each and every one of the players of this shooter. From time to time, the PubG Mobile servers are undergoing continuous repairs to optimize the quality of the game, apart from the countless updates that Tencent Games has been adding, so you must have a little patience and fix the game on the spot. in which any of these cases happen to you. 

You should also bear in mind that you may have connection problems with your local network. Remember that to play PubG Mobile We must always and in all circumstances have a network connection that is as stable as possible, the one that goes at a certain speed that allows you to play on this kind of online platform. You can carry out an internet test before playing this magnificent shooter, since this can be one of the inconveniences that do not let you access to play. 

If you think it is an issue with the app, you can uninstall and install the game again, or repair it from the main settings of the game. 

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