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PubG Mobile, is one of the most played games on the planet. The entertainment guaranteed by this Battle Royale is unprecedented. However, the experience can be ruined when certain glitches occur in the app. Although many players are happy with how the application works, some also report problems that prevent the game from working optimally. Today, on this website, we are going to show you what those errors are PUBG Mobile that are more common and a quick solution to end them once and for all.

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PubG Mobile Errors

The three most frequent failures of PubG Mobile and their solution

Like any other mobile app, PubG Mobile is open to being harmed by inconveniences. The most common errors that may appear in the game is the usual, "PubG Mobile does not open, internet connection, the game closes in the middle of the game". For this, we will now clarify why these and failures occur and how to solve them perfectly.

Connection error in PubG Mobile:

One of the most common failures that occur in PubG Mobile is the usual connection failure. The reason for its appearance is due to a poor network connection, network instability, problems with the DNS equipment or, failing that, poor connectivity on the mobile device. Now, to rule out problems, we will start by restarting the connection of our internet modem, and the relevant wireless router.

If doing this does not work, then we will have to meditate that it is simply that the internet connection is somewhat slow or unstable. To check it, we will use an MS verifier. We go to our computer and open the “CMD” or the system console. Next we copy and paste the following command: ping eighty-eight -t. This command will contrast the response of our modem and check that the internet signal is stable. If we see incessant response then we will know that our internet is working properly and the connection failure is due to some problem related to the Pubg Mobile server.

PubG Mobile not running

Another very common PubG Mobile bug is the traditional “Won't run”. When trying to open the application, it does the action of executing and immediately we get the notice “PubG Mobile has been closed”. Let's see, it is necessary to mention multiple things about this inconvenience.

  • First, it is essential to know if your mobile device has the precise requirements to run the application. If your mobile has low resources, and does not meet the minimum requirements to support the application, this inconvenience will occur and it is most likely that you will not even bother to launch it.
  • Second, the game files have been downloaded incorrectly. When the download is interrupted, they get used to losing certain essential files from the root folder, causing the application to malfunction.

Keeping in mind the two elements that we previously mentioned, the possible solutions are summarized in checking that your cell phone meets the following requirements:

  • OS: Android fifty-one (Lollipop) or higher.
  • CPU: Intel Quad Core.
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Bonded warehouse: 1.5GB

If you meet the technical specifications and still have the issue, try downloading the app again on a stable connection.

PubG Mobile shuts down

Finally, one of the most frequent failures is the forced closing of the application. This usually happens either in the middle of the game, on the loading screen or before executing. The origin of the inconvenience we have previously mentioned. It is usually due to lack of resources on the device preventing the game from running properly. For this, it is necessary to review it.

You can also try deleting the PubG Mobile storage cache. To do so you will have to follow the next steps:

  • Go to your mobile settings.
  • Go to »Storage»
  • Locate the “PubG Mobile” app.
  • Access it and tap on the option “Clear cache”

The next thing is going to be to return to enter PubG Mobile and that's it.

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