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We recently saw all the hacks you could do playing Among Us, and among them was the one we considered the most enjoyable and the one you should focus on.

It is to have each and every one of the free skins, and we are sure that this little hack will give you the entertainment you need in each and every game. say goodbye to you traditional skin somewhat decaffeinated, and say hello to a huge variety of skins for all kinds of moments. 

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file to have skins from among us download

Steps to get free skins from among us 

  • First, we download the file which contains each and every one of the Among us skins.
  • To run the file you will need to have downloaded the latest version of your APK.
  • It is essential to note that the file comes in format .rar or .zip depending on the download link. For this reason you will have to have a file explorer so that your download is more efficient. 
  • After download the file, unzip it with your file explorer, we recommend the winrar program as the appropriate app for this task.
  • In the folder Android on your mobile. You choose it and look for the folder named 'Data' (folder where each and every one of the applications is located). 
  • In that folder you will find the file which is named ''.
  • Once you entered the file, you will give to copy what you downloaded and you paste it there. You will overwrite the existing folders and that's it.

It is essential to highlight that when you finish all these steps you will be able to have at your disposal all the skins of Among UsHowever, if the game asks you to update, you will lose each and every one of the skins. For this reason, it is essential that you update the game to its latest version before going through the whole process. 

Risks of having free skins in among us 

As is well known, these kinds of activities are not legal, so carrying them out can lead to in-game sanctions, such as bans, blocks, or directly you are unable to play the game. If you still want to continue, we hope that our guide has been useful to you and that you are able to play with different skins with your friends or in solo games. 

This is one of the many options hack that exist today in Among us, in other articles we show you each and every one of the possibilities that among us has, such as the use of mods to change the theme of the game, increase the complexity or the incorporation of new mechanics that make the game more fun, among so many options that this incredible game leaves you. 

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