Each and every one of the Coin Master Pets and their Levels

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Pets are always and at all times a pleasant company. They are a good choice to accompany you on each and every adventure. And in Coin Master there are multiple pets that, apart from keeping you company, offer you benefits. Meet the Coin Master pets and levels.

It is good to know which are the pets of Coin Master and levels, in order to give them the convenient use. Each of Coin Master's pets has a different function, but what they do agree on is that their purpose is to assist you.

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All Coin Master Pets and their Levels

All Coin Master Pets and their Levels

Meet the Coin Master Pets and levels! In this game there are three admirable pets, these are Foxy, Tiger and Rhino. Each of them has a different process to be acquired by the players. In addition to this they also have different functions.


Foxy is a raider fox, and he is the one who welcomes Coin Master's pets. You will receive Foxy fully at no cost when you reach village four, as a gift. He appears in the form of an egg, right at the bottom of the slot machine. Foxy is your loyal partner in raids as she helps you get extra coins. Foxy can go up to Coin Master level two hundred


He is known as the attacker, he is an admirable tiger with a long tail and big eyes. Tiger is the second pet you will find in Coin Master. While it is active, he will be able to accompany you to make attacks, helping you to get extra coins, while you destroy buildings with him. Tiger can achieve more than one hundred and thirty levels of Coin Master.


The protector of your village, without any doubt, is Rhino. This admirable rhinoceros is in charge of protecting your village from any attack by other players. The percentage chance of defeating opponents increases as potions are given to help it evolve. Rhino works as a protective shield, so as long as you have Rhino, you will not lose your shields, since he will take care of the defense of your village.

For each of these pets to exercise their function properly, you must nurture them and give them purple potions for rapid evolution.

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