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The prayers of Apex Legends they're kind of a feature that they added to the characters so that they have a bit of representation. Some of them are a bit attractive, and some of them are a bit dark, but they are definitely epic. Here we show you each and every one of the prayers of Apex Legends. There are all kinds of characters, from cold and lonely thugs to characters so attractive that they even resemble clowns. Examples of this are Wraith and Pathfinder, the comic robot. 

Some of these sentences are somewhat representative of each of the characters, and allow each of the players to sometimes form a kind of connection. In truth, it is possible that even thanks to all the character creation system that has been developed, you will hold affection to one of them. 

All Apex Legends Prayers

The most symbolic prayers of Apex Legends

The most symbolic sentences are said by the oldest characters in the game, those who came in the official launch of the game. 

One of them is that of Wraith, who states “You know what I look like, come find me”, referring to his ability to transport himself to the very void. Octane, on the other hand, states “Run fast, complain fast, win fast”. Of course, this is also referring to his optimistic personality and his skill set. 

Lifeline is another legend story with her prayer. She states “Pay attention or you will pay”. Despite being a doctor, this legendary story does not promise to heal anyone with her symbolic prayer. Mirage, on the other hand, is the insufferable one of the group, stating “Glad to see you all in the ring… Calm down, there's Mirage to give and take”, reflecting Mirage's engaging personality. 

Pathfinder states “Did you see how well I did? I did all kinds of incredible movements, do you pay attention to me? ”, The last thing is because of his not serious personality, absolutely nobody can stand it. Bloodhound has a somewhat obscure message, saying "I worship those who rose, not those who fell."

And that would be each and every prayer of Apex Legends. Sion site to doubts are somewhat symbolic, and reflect in each and every word the characters who affirm them. 

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