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Apex Legends It is a game in which apart from the gameplay and the moments that are shared, we can get skins, which the truth is that they are not precise, but they look too good. Here we are going to make a collection of each and every one of the skins of Apex Legends

To tell the truth, there are some that are quite ugly, and it does not provoke or mention them, but even so they are there, and the developers have no plans to ever remove them. You can unlock skins, either by purchasing them, getting them in Apex Packs, or by crafting them. 

You can also get skins for your weapons, but in this guide we will only mention the ones you can get for the legends. 

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All Apex Legends Skins

All Apex Legends Skins

First let's talk about Bloodhound. Its set of skins the truth is that it looks pretty good. If you have this legendary story, you will be able to opt for the plague doctor, the royal guard, the runekeeper and the imperial warrior. Epics are glowing viral, fiber optic, hack the system, neural net, and heat sync. On the other hand, we have Gibraltar, whose selection of skins includes dark side, bunker buster, ride or die and millennium tusk. The epics would be hack the system, neural net and heat sync, like Daemon hunt and fiber optics. 

As you may have seen, most of these are similar in name. In truth, if you do a walkthrough of the characters, you will see that the exact same names are repeated multiple times, just as if it were a compilation. Each character has a unique Skin set, made up of forty skins. In this set, four are Legendary, and generally don't belong in any build. five are epic, one is rare and the other one are common, simple to achieve. 

Without a doubt, each and every one of the skins of Apex Legends they are quite attractive, so the first thing you should do when playing is to opt for one of them, especially the epic ones.

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