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If you are a newbie in Apex Legends or in the world of gaming, you may feel a bit lost. In this starter guide we are going to tell you everything about Apex Legends, with tips that will help you both now and when you learn to play and become a pro. If you have been playing for a long time, it can also be of some use to you. 

The first thing we can tell you about Apex Legends is that it is classified as a first-person shooter, of the Battle Royale type. It's a shooter because of the fact that it's a shooting game, where you see the game from your character's perspective, and on top of that, you're thrown into an area full of loot in order to upgrade your weapons. 

The word loot that we mentioned, is each and every one of the weapons and objects that you can pick up from the ground, in general. Before you start, you must take multiple things into account, and that is that not each and every one of the weapons is good, and at the beginning it can be quite difficult. 

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All about Apex Legends

All about Apex Legends

The first advice we can give you is that you learn to use the PC depending on the game. Learn where each key and everything is located on your interface. Once you have mastered this and feel comfortable, increase the sensitivity of your game, to react faster to anything that happens to you. 

When your games are over, you can also choose to get skins for your characters, and this is an aspect that we sincerely invite you to. You will be able to put an exclusive design on your favorite character. 

You will also have to learn each and every one of the weapons of Apex LegendsSo let's get to work on this. Once you finish this process, you must gradually learn the skills of each of the characters. As of today there are two, and each of them has three, so you would end up learning sixty. You can start with one a day, and in two months you will learn all of them. 

And in general, that's what you should do to progress your skills in Apex Legends. Having a full knowledge of each and every one of the things you can do in the game will allow you to advance faster, and plan better based on the things that happen to you.

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