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Players have been known to love changing their avatars' clothes, and Toca Life World is no different.

Most users of Touch mouth they are small and dressing up their characters in different outfits is a part of the daily game. In truth, during the day they can change and change pieces of clothing without stopping to be pleasant to get more clothes.

Each child brings different combinations according to their imagination and personal style, which in some way makes their characters look unique. Also, the eagerness of the little ones to dress in fashion, colorful and with different accessories makes the experience considerably more attractive and entertaining.

Or do you not like to change Toca Boca clothes daily? You know yes! Taking time to dress the character is part of the experience, there are no limits you can use as much as you want and buy more and more pieces. In Toca Boca, a unique, own and original planet is created, the little players know that and it is captivating to see when they discover the pieces of clothing with which they feel identified.

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Toca Boca Clothing

How to get clothes in Toca Boca for free?

Many specialists or more experienced [email protected] affirm that if you enter the place at night, it is possible to locate different pieces of clothing and choose the best Toca Boca clothes without so much pressure.

Actually, it's more of a tip to give you time to prepare the avatar for a new day. However, if it is proven that you find considerably more if you follow these steps:

  • Enter the night garage map.
  • Choose a garage and click on the cat drawing in the lower left corner. Once this action is done, a page opens with a variety of "totally free" clothing items.

It's that simple! You can do it as many nights as you want and explore garage by garage until you fill the entire map. Remember that there is never a lot of Toca Boca clothing, even the most peculiar garments you will have the opportunity to use them.

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