Coin Master Pet Food Free

Coin Master Pet Food Free

One of the tricks of Coin Master to have so many players is that it offers different alternative options to advance in the game and receive rewards. Another help from Coin Master is that it lets you have pets, which become your battle partners. Thanks to them you can get benefits and resources, really useful. You must search in Coin Master pet food at no cost, to sustain them, and that they do their job.

You should know that in order for pets to assist you, they must be nurtured. Find free pet food at Coin Master to keep them active for each quest.

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Coin Master Free Pet Food

How to Get Food for Pets in Coin Master

Giving food to pets is essential to keep them active and that each one fulfills its functions in the game. You can also feed your Coin Master pets with purple potions, so they will level up and increase your rewards and benefits. How to get food for pets in Coin Master?

Playing daily

Playing daily gives you rewards, in them you can receive food for your pets completely free of charge.

Making spins

In the spins you receive fantastic rewards, you can make spins, until the moment when you get the food dishes of the pets. The truth is not so difficult enough.

online rewards

Applications like Spink Link and CM Rewards have daily rewards, you just have to download them, and click on each and every link that it shows you. This way you will be able to receive pet food at no cost.

ask your friends

Just as your friends can gift you spins, cards, and other resources, they can also gift you pet food.

Trade cards for chests

If you have duplicate cards you can exchange them and thus receive other rewards, including pet food.

What are the Pets of Coin Master

Coin Master's pets are truly admirable and each one has a mission to accomplish. You need to choose it according to what you need.


She welcomes you, to activate her you must reach village four and open a small egg that will appear under the slot machine. When making an attack, Foxy lets you receive more coins and you will even be able to get chests.


This pet is now ready to keep you company in attacks. When you have enough hammers and food for Tiger, it will be extremely useful for extra coins.


Rhino comes to the rescue when your village is forsaken and is a simple target of your friends. Rhino fulfills the function of a shield to try that your village receives the least damage when it is attacked.

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