Coin Master No se Conecta a Fb

Coin Master No se Conecta a Fb

Coin Master is a fantastic game, it is really the one that offers you the most benefits if you connect it to your Facebook account. Which is a pretty easy process. Now, do you know what to do when Coin Master won't connect to Facebook?

Connecting Coin Master with Facebook is quite helpful. To give an example, for each friend you invite you can win up to forty free spins which is very, very good. Auxiliary, through this social network you can participate in Coin Master sets and connect with considerably more people. With which you can still exchange essential resources to advance in the game. so yes Coin Master It does not connect to Facebook, try until you get it.

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Coin Master Not Connecting to Facebook

What to do if Coin Master won't connect to Facebook

If Coin Master does not connect to Facebook, the first thing you should do is check the quality of the connection to the network. Remember that connecting to Facebook is a good approach to the game, since it allows you to get coins, spins and many more rewards for inviting friends.

After checking your internet connection, if Coin Master still does not connect with Facebook, you can go back to make the link. It's not complicated at all, you can actually do it from the application. You just have to have already created an account on Facebook, if you don't have it, then download Facebook and create an account.

Connect Coin Master to Facebook

To connect Coin Master with your Facebook account, follow these easy instructions:

  • Access Coin Master and go to the Play with friends option. Then an alternative will appear that says Open on Facebook? you must accept
  • Select the option open as proceed as
  • Enter your Fb username and password to open your profile and that's it

By entering your Facebook account data, the two accounts will be linked or connected, and you will be able to start inviting your friends to play. For this reason you will win incredible rewards.

If you downloaded the app to your mobile device and it doesn't load properly, it may be due to a connection loss. To solve it, you must do the following:

  • Exit Coin Master and remove the app from those you have running in the background. You do this simply by pressing one of the three buttons that you have at the bottom of the screen (depends on the model of your device)
  • Reopen the app. If you still get an error, then you should go to the App Settings or Applications section and press the Coin Master app
  • Click on memory and clear cache. This is how you make sure that each and every one of the data associated with the game is deleted. Before doing this, you must have your Coin Master account linked with Facebook, to avoid losing your progress in the game.
  • If it still doesn't work, go to the section where you cleared the cache and tap Application or app info, and tap the Memory option, Clear Memory. Similarly, you must have the game linked with Facebook in order not to lose your progress.
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