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There are a couple of apps to hack Touch mouth. However, not strictly "hackers", but are some easy tools that are obtained at no cost and that are used to have a non-original version of the games, but surprisingly it brings you certain benefits.

We are talking about “Happymood and CcPlay”, the two applications help you locate the games you want with exactly the same quality as the original, and with many features unlocked. It has even been proven that a part of the content that is paid is free for free, and this naturally will always be well received.

Still don't know these apps? Peaceful! Keep reading and you will see what they are worth.

Apps to Hack Toca Boca

Apps to hack Toca Boca

Taking into account that Happymood is an unofficial application for Android users, it is considered a “hacker app” or at least that's how exactly the same players on the web rated it.

This tool puts at your disposal more than thirty thousand hosted files and lets you publish, test and download mods free of charge. HappyMod works as a kind of alternative store option to the Play Store, and curiously it has a lot of requests that it seems that it was created that way intentionally to confuse users.

Among the main Advantages of Happymood that they offer we have:

  • It is a popular Apk that is used to hack any game (not just Toca Boca)
  • They contain hundreds of modified applications
  • Is free
  • It offers the updates of downloaded apps and ensures that each and every feature is unlocked and/or accessed.

Advantages of Ccplay – Apps to hack Toca Boca

Ccplay for its part does the same as Happymood, with the difference that it is possible to download each and every one of the Chinese applications that you can imagine. It is not really useful for certain players as there are countries that have limitations, which somehow makes it unattractive for many players.

If you manage to be outside the limitations you will find exactly the same advantages as with Happymood, and even in more languages.

What do you need to know to hack Toca Boca?

Both applications are used to hack Toca Boca, however we invite you to more Happymood. If you want to install it just follow these steps:

  • Download Happymood on your phone.
  • Upload the Toca Boca App
  • Delete the original version

Or you can also download the APK on your PC and then transfer it to your phone. If you choose this path, don't forget to enable the unknown sources checkboxes, you can't forget that you are hacking original or changed content.  

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