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Apex Legends is a shooting game where emotion, the desire to survive on the island, pure combat and camaraderie stand out when you play in teams of three. It also helps us run into somewhat difficult situations that may seem insurmountable, but with the tension of any situation that may happen to you on the map on your way to be the last survivor, it will help you enjoy the experience of play. In this article, we are going to explain each and every one of the precise commands to Apex Legends.

The commands will help you configure Apex Legends according to your preferences apart from the configuration that we find in the game, that is, a system that will let you adjust certain things in Apex before opening it on your mobile device. These tricks will help you so that you can enjoy this incredible Battle Royale to the limit. 

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The Best Apex Legends Commands

The Best Apex Legends Commands

Before we can tell you about each and every one of the commands we have for you, we invite you to follow a series of steps. The first thing you need to do in order for them to work fully is to put the commands with the game fully closed on your device, it cannot be open in any way, then go to the properties of the game in the main settings of your mobile device , being there you go to the extended submenu, and to the launch option, where each and every one of the command initials used in Apex Legends will appear, and see how you want to use it, with this you admit and close the commands and join the game .

  • If you use the +fps_max command, it will help to increase the quality of frames per second in the game, something that any player is looking for, that the game runs as well as possible.
  • Using the -dev command will suppress the game's animations, optimizing performance rather than graphic quality.
  • -full is a command used when playing Apex Legends on console or computer.

With these three you will be able to improve your gaming experience significantly. 

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