Commands for Clash of Clans Private Server

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The clash of clans private servers they allow players who want to acquire the full functionality of the game without needing to wait for long build and character creation times. 

On these servers you will be able to practice your attack strategies and the best protective distribution to avoid losing all your resources. There are also clan wars, private matches, low and high TH duels, and much more. The best known among private servers of Clash of Clans is the apk nulls. And here we bring you certain most used commands on this server. 

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Commands for Clash of Clans Private Server

Commands for Clash of Clans Private Server

In this private server you will find an extensive plurality of commands that will help you to have everything to the limit in clash of clans

  • / clean – restore your base.
  • /asp – attack you.
  • /max – add gold and elixir
  • / full – Upgrade all buildings to the maximum level.
  • /cct – remove any and all spells and units.
  • / m - private message to the player.
  • / stats - server statistics.
  • /vk - get VKID from your account.
  • / hero - set hero level.

Each of these commands for clash of clans it has a unique functionality and will let you practice effectively in clash of clans, remember to join a clan and get the most out of this server. Since, one of the many disadvantages of private servers is that the progress you have is not going to be reflected on the official clash of clans server. But yes, the experience you have when playing here, so don't worry and if what you want is to practice and progress in clash of clans, this is the ideal place for you. 

Find a community that suits you, and get them to give you access to a clan that allows you to prosper a little more every day. Another essential point of these servers is that their updates are practically on a par with the official server, so you should not wait long enough to play with the most recent update of the game, this is because they are continuously updating the server to offer you a quality product as similar as possible to clash of clans official server

As always and in all circumstances, we affirm that it is essential that you remember that downloading apk or third-party software is a danger that you will run on your own, it has been known of many servers that offer you similar services and end up being viruses that damage your mobile. So if you still want to do it, try to make them apk that at least have the community approval of clash of clans. 

Without further ado, we hope that this article has served you well and that you use all these commands in the best way and improve everything that is possible on the fantastic planet of clash of clans. We recommend that you continue reading articles related to clash of clans as well as many other games on our official website. 

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