XP Arcadegeddon, how to gain experience quickly?

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Our articles on Arcadegeddon XP Arcadegeddon, how to gain experience quickly? In Arcadegeddon, it will be quite "simple" to gain levels and we give you some tips for quickly gaining experience within the game.

Arcadegeddon is a shooting game that is available in early access since July 8 on PC and PS5.

In this IllFonic game, you will have to launch yourself into a virtual world to explore randomly generated levels and face hordes of enemies. It will also be necessary to quickly level up and we tell you how to get there.

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How to earn XP quickly in Arcadegeddon?

If you want to quickly gain experience in Arcadegeddon, you will logically have to eliminate enemies. The best way to gain combat experience is:

  • to shoot enemies in the head
  • to achieve multiple or consecutive eliminations
  • to use the scenery to carry out an elimination
  • to use your powers to make a group elimination

The other method to quickly level up when exploring levels is to increase the difficulty. To do this, you will have to spend the tokens you have collected on enemies from the machine visible in the image below.

Of course, each time you complete a level you will gain experience, but also will increase the difficulty for the next level.

It is also possible recover a lot of experience by completing a boss room which will pop up randomly within the levels you are about to explore.

Finally, the last method to quickly gain experience is to fulfill the contracts given by the various gang leaders which are within the arcade room, but be careful, you can only take one series of quests from a boss at a time.

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