Biomutant rotating puzzle, how to solve them?

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Our articles on Biomutant Biomutant rotating puzzle, how to solve them? In Biomutant, you will have to solve rotating puzzles and we explain how to do it.

Dance Biomutant, you will be able to discover many objects related to the ancient world, including rotating puzzles.

These puzzles, you will have to solve them to obtain rewards or unlock elements related to the story, but also in order to obtain two trophies.

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How to solve a rotating puzzle in Biomutant?

In Biomutant, the rotating breakers will be an interesting element within the game sincethey will allow you to learn a little more about the ancient world when you have solved them. To solve it, you will only need to usually align the corresponding colors together, but beware, you will have a limited number of spins to achieve this as you can see in the example video below from ZaFrostPet.

To increase the number of rotations you can perform to solve the different rotating puzzles, you will have to increase the Intelligence of your character. Be careful though, you will usually only have 10 rotations maximum to complete them.

If you can't solve them on the first try, don't worry too much., you may suffer a backlash with your character's life which may drop slightly if you fail, but you can redo the puzzle as many times as you want.

By solving the rotating puzzle related to the side quest « The trail of stars ", you will get the “Brilliant Brilliant” bronze trophy et by completing all 15 puzzles related to old world gadgets, you will get The “Old World Gadgets” Gold Trophy.

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