What time does the new season of Apex Legends come out?

Apex Legends in its mobile version, it is a huge game in Battle Royale mode that was made by Respawn Entertainment, a very reputable company that has previously developed the Tintafall saga. In Apex Legends there are seventy survivors per game, who will find themselves landing on an island that is full of weapons. You can play in individual mode or in a team of 3. In addition to this, like other games with this theme, the last ones standing will be the winners and they will end the game.

Many users wonder at what precise moment the time of Apex Legends, this game has many zones and downloads around the world, so each country has a schedule in which it must be on the lookout to be able to start the new season on the right foot. In this blog post, we are going to explain in detail what time the new season of Apex Legends comes out.

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What time does the new season of Apex Legends come out?

Apex Legends New Season: Release Schedule

The next season that will be free in Apex Legends is #12, so it will be necessary for you to save part of the internal storage of your mobile device for this. This season that is coming with many innovations was called "dissidence or resistance", which was expected to be free for February 10. This amazing update was released at 00:XNUMX US time.

In the South American zone, it would be free from 1:00 p.m. to 3:12 p.m., including an average between countries such as Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Puerto Rico, among many others. While in Central America it would be free at 00:XNUMX pm Mexico time. 

The advance of the new season gave us a preview of certain exclusive skins for the next season, as well as a brief teaching of the new game mode called "control", which is being awaited by the entire Apex Legends player community.

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