Deathloop, how to unlock the powers?

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Our articles on Deathloop Deathloop, how to unlock the powers? In Deathloop, it will be possible to obtain different powers and you are told how to unlock them, but also how to improve them within the game.

Deathloop, the action and adventure game from Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks is released this Tuesday, September 14 on PC and PS5 and it will be possible within the game to recover different powers that will allow you to eliminate the Visionaries more easily.

To get them, you will have to eliminate exactly some of these 8 enemies and we therefore tell you which ones to eliminate and how to improve them.

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How to get and upgrade powers in Deathloop?

If you are looking to get the powers in the game, you will have to eliminate some Visionaries to find those skills that are available as modules. Here are the enemies on which you will be able to recover abilities:

  • Recovery, base capacity of Colt which you will recover at the start of the game and which allows you to die a maximum of 2 times
  • Ravage, Fia's ability, it allows you to do more damage, but also to use up your energy bar rather than your life bar when you take damage.
  • Ether, Egor's ability that allows you to turn invisible, but making noise or certain movements will break the illusion
  • Transposition, Charlie's ability, by using it you will be able to teleport a short distance
  • Nexus, Harriet's ability that allows you to connect your enemies and eliminate them all in one hit when you kill one of the linked enemies
  • Carnesis, Aleksis' ability that will knock enemies up

All of these abilities can be improved by once again eliminating the various Visionaries and recovering their module of ability, but be careful, remember that if you don't infuse your powers, you risk losing them in the next loop.

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