Where to Collect Seismometer Readings in Fortnite

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It was an exciting start to Chapter 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale after The End of Chapter 2 event flipped the entire map. The new campaign revealed tons of new locations and content for players to interact with.

Of course, the start of Chapter 3 Season 1 means new NPCs will accept challenges, unlocking XP to help you level up your battle pass. Some of them can be tricky, as they may require players to find specific locations on the map.

Here's where to collect seismometer readings in Fortnite Chapter 3, a new challenge from The Scientist NPC.

Seismometer Locations – Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

You will need to collect seismometer readings to complete this challenge. (Photo: Epic Games)

To start this challenge, you will first need to go to Logjam Lumberyard and interact with the Science NPC to accept the quest. Next, you will need to start collecting seismometer readings.

Head to the mountains north of Logjam Lumberyard; this is where you will find the majority of seismometers. You will only need to interact with three Seismometers in total, but they must all occur in a single match to complete the Scientist Challenge.

For a visual overview, here is a map with the exact locations to collect seismometer readings in Fortnite Chapter 3:

Find these locations to interact with Seismometers in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. (Photo: Fortnite.gg)

When you see a seismometer, just approach it and press the guest button to interact with it; this will grant you the reading you need to collect.

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Be sure to check out our dedicated Fortnite page for all about the popular battle royale as Chapter 3 rolls on. We'll keep you updated on the latest challenges, cosmetics, and more.

Image courtesy of InTheLittleWood.

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