All NPC Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

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A new chapter of Fortnite has started with new NPCs that players can research and complete challenges or purchase items. In previous seasons, not all NPCs can be displayed on the minimap; however, Epic Games has made all season NPCs visible on the map.

While some NPCs aren't as easy to see in every match, we've made it much easier by outlining all known NPC spawn locations. Players should note that the best way to find them is to go to each location listed below, walk around to spot them, and speak with them to accept their challenge.

Here is where Fortnite players can find all of the NPCs found on the island map in Chapter 3 Season 1.

All known NPC locations in Fortnite

Below is the current island map for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, courtesy of Fortnite source MLL, which highlights all known locations of every NPC currently active in the game. As mentioned above, not all NPCs will spawn there or spawn every game.

The island map marking all known NPC locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. (Photo: Twitter/MLL)

The visitor

  • Or: Launching ramp
  • Comment: Go to the Sanctuary and head east of the location to find the launch pad as well as the visitor.

The scientist

  • Or: The sanctuary
  • Comment: In the Sanctuary, the scientist will appear in the building to the north or east of the compound.

Agent Jonesy

  • Or: Outposts of the Seven
  • Comment: Agent Jonesy has several locations, but he shouldn't be too hard to find as he can easily be located at Seven's outposts marked on the island map above.

The foundation

  • Or: The sanctuary
  • Comment: Travel east from the Sanctuary grounds to find the Foundation.
The Sanctuary, home of the Foundation and the Seven. (Photo: Epic Games)

Jonesy Bunker

  • Or: The Jones Settlement
  • Comment: Head to the Jones Colony which is located south of the Foundation Statue in the Sanctuary.


  • Or: The Jones Settlement
  • Comment: Players won't quite see Ludwig as Epic Games has alerted that the location of the NPC is not guaranteed. As such, its last known location is in the southeast corner of the Jones Settlement.


  • Or: The Jones Settlement
  • Comment: Another NPC that is not guaranteed to be found in its spawn location and will not appear on the minimap. Even so, his last known location is in a cell in the Jones Colony's main building.

mule marauder

  • Or: The Jones Settlement
  • Comment: Yet another NPC that is not guaranteed to be in his spawn location, however, can be found not far from Bunker Jonesy's location. Travel to the Joneses Colony, located south of the Foundation statue in the Sanctuary.
Enjoy the beautiful views offered at Camp Cuddle. (Picture: YouTube/Monkey Rainbow)

Cuddle team leader

  • Or: Camp Calin
  • Comment: Team Leader Cuddle has no location specified, however, they can be found somewhere 473ur a few buildings northwest of Camp Cuddle.

Metal team leader

  • Or: Camp Calin
  • Comment: In the same location as Team Leader Cuddle, however, there are three small buildings in this area as one of them has a metal roof. You can find the Metal Squad Leader here, but they won't spawn every turn there.


  • Or: Camp Calin
  • Comment: Also in the same location as Cuddle Team Leader and Metal Team Leader, but players should look for a small building with a red roof among three small buildings northwest of Cuddle Camp. Much like Team Leader Metal, Cuddlepool will not spawn every turn in this location.

the cackle

  • Or: Camp Calin
  • Comment: Another NPC that can be found in the area northwest of Camp Cuddle. Like Metal Team Leader and Cuddlepool, the Quackling can be found near or 473 around a yellow-roofed building among three small buildings. Also won't appear every turn at this location.
Guaco can be spotted inside the Taco restaurant in Greasy grove. (Photo: Epic Games)


  • Or: Bosquet Grass
  • Comment: In Greasy Grove, locate the Taco restaurant where you can find Guaco inside.

small whip

  • Or: Carrefour Corney
  • Comment: In Corney Crossroads, locate the ice cream shop where you can find Lil Whip nearby.

Bao Bros

  • Or: Bosquet Grass
  • Comment: Another NPC that can be found in Greasy Grove at the gas station where you can find the Bao Bros inside.


  • Or: Bosquet Grass
  • Comment: Locate the largest store in Greasy Grove to find Tomatohead inside near the center of the store.
Mancake can be found at the Butter Barn in Rocky Reels. (Photo: Epic Games)


  • Or: Butter barn
  • Comment: Go to Rocky Reels and head to the crossroads where the Butter Barn is. Mancake should be found near the Butter Barn.


  • Or: Condo Canyon
  • Comment: In Condo Canyon, head southeast of the location which will take you to the coast of the island where Shanta can be spotted in this area.

Lieutenant John Lama

  • Or: Logjam Lumberjack
  • Comment: Head southwest of Logjam Lumberyard to find a cabin with Lieutenant John Llama inside.

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And these are all the current spawn locations of all Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3 NPCs. Be sure to check this article for any updates on these NPC locations as the season progresses.

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Image courtesy of Epic Games.

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