Fortnite pro Benjyfishy's mother signs on as content creator for Galaxy Racer

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Dubai-based esports organization Galaxy Racer announced today, September 8, that Anne “mamabenjyfishy” Fish is joining the organization as a content creator.

Fish is the mother of Benjy "Benjyfishy" David Fish, a professional Fortnite player who currently plays for NRG Esports Europe and is considered one of the top Fortnite players in Europe.

Benjy, who turned pro about three years ago, was only 14 at the time, so his mother, Anne Fish, 58, has managed her son's career, handling the business and helping them make the right decisions while developing their professional career.

During this time, Fish developed her own gaming career, now known as "mamabenjyfishy", boasting 165 YouTube subscribers and over 000 subscribers on Twitch.

Mamabenjyfishy becomes the first mother of a pro to sign for a major esports organization

Anne manages her son's esports career. (Photo: mamabenjyfishy)

Mamabenjyfishy decided to follow in his son's footsteps in February this year, and originally his intention was simply to better understand the game his son is playing, in order to improve his role as Benjyfishy's manager.

What started as a simple hobby activity quickly exploded into something much bigger, and in just six months she has amassed a massive following online, with over 900 followers on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Today, Anne is a big, growing star, and she's become the first mother of a top professional esports player to sign a contract with a major esports organization.

Mamabenjyfishy started playing and streaming Fortnite in order to better understand his son's work. (Photo: mamabenjyfishy)

“As the mom and manager of a professional gamer, I hope my knowledge and experience will help educate gamers and other parents about the positive aspects of esports,” Anne revealed in a press release. “As the very first mom of a professional gamer to be signed to an esports organization, I hope this will encourage greater inclusion within the esports industry, highlighting all aspects benefits of the game and encouraging other parents to discover the game for themselves! " 

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The story behind the signing is rather interesting, as it was born out of the informal deal with mamabenjyfishy and Galaxy Racer while participating in Galaxy Racer's Fortnite tournament.

The deal was that if she finished in the top 50, Galaxy Racer would offer her an official content creator contract. Anne managed to place in the top 50, and the rest is history.

With over 430 subscribers on Twitch, mamabenjyfishy is one of the fastest growing female streamers. (Photo: mamabenjyfishy)

As a Galaxy Racer content creator, mamabenjyfishy will be streaming and playing Fortnite tournaments, as well as producing various educational and entertaining YouTube content.

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Galaxy Racer is an esports organization founded in 2019, and it is one of the fastest growing organizations in the world, with over 14 esports teams and 80 content creators under its name, including some of the top YouTube content creators in the Arabic-speaking world. , like Abo Flah, Topz, Hanody Awesome, Noor Stars and others.

One of Galaxy Racer's goals is to promote diversity and inclusion in esports, having female teams in League of Legends, CS:GO, and Valorant as well as a number of female content creators.

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