Fortnite v19.10 Patch Notes: Server Downtime, Content & Bug Fixes

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 receives its first major update from Epic Games today. It's called the Fortnite v19.10 update, and players are expecting a lot of content, as well as bug fixes and improvements on January 18, 2022.

Here are the unofficial Fortnite v19.10 patch notes, featuring expected content, bug fixes, server downtime, and more.

Fortnite server downtime for v19.10 update

With every major Fortnite update, players will have to endure a few hours of server downtime, and v19.10 is no different.

The server downtime is expected to last three to four hours. (Picture: Epic Games)

Servers shut down at 09:00 UTC and matchmaking will be disabled approximately 30 minutes before the server downtime begins.

We expect server downtime to be three to four hours to deploy the Fortnite v19.10 update.

Contents of Fortnite v19.10

As the first major update for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, lots of new content is expected. We've already covered that the Tilted Towers POI will return.

A fan-favorite POI returns in Fortnite v19.10. (Picture: Epic Games)

As the snow continues to melt on Fortnite Island, Stage 6 is set to begin on January 18, 2022.

According to well-known dataminer HYPEX, we can expect the following Fortnite v19.10 update content.

  • Cover Canyon POI and Possible IO Boss with Mythic SMG
  • Tilted towers and snow stage 6
  • Butter Berry Ride-on Animal and Shield Fruit Butter Cake
  • Haven PNJ qui vend Butter Berry
  • Foundation glider and pickaxe modification style
  • Grenade Launcher
Blast enemies with a grenade launcher! (Picture: Epic Games/HYPEX)

We'll bring you in-depth guides on new SMGs, NPC locations, Grenade Launcher stats, and more.

Fortnite v19.10 Patch Notes – All Bug Fixes

Although Epic Games does not release official patch notes for Fortnite updates, the Trello board suggests bug fixes and improvements we might see in the v19.10 update and is the most close to the actual patch notes we can get.

Only some bug fixes and improvements in Fortnite v19.10 update. (Picture: Epic Games)

Check out the list of bug fixes and improvements for several sections of Fortnite below coming in the v19.10 update according to our unofficial patch notes.

Battle Royale fixes:

  • Weekly challenge: Telescope parts collection issue – quest will be completed 473matically for all players
  • "Lost network connection" error when trying to join the match as a spectator.
  • Certain outfits experience a frame rate and bright light drop when equipping Spider-Man's Web-Shooters.
  • The progress of some cosmetic challenge bundles is not visible.
  • Healing in the tent is disabled.
  • Daily quests do not appear if another mode was last played.

Creative fixes:

  • Crash Pads don't look visually correct
    Save the world
  • The arc of the vacuum tube does not cause a string lighting effect

switch and mobile

  • The Storm is not as dense and is more transparent on Nintendo Switch

So there you have it, the first unofficial patch notes for Fortnite v19.10 update, with the expected bug fixes and content additions.

Don't forget to check our dedicated Fortnite section for news, guides, patch notes, leaks and more.

Featured image via Epic Games/HYPEX.

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