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With the Fortnite v19.10 update released by Epic Games on January 18, 2022, comes an unexpected twist on Creative Island in the form of the KAWS New Fiction Art exhibit. This is an in-game recreation of the Serpentine North Gallery, which in the real world is located in Kensington Gardens, London, and is known for "showcasing contemporary art that pushes the boundaries" .

If you want to check out the KAWS New Fiction Art exhibit in Fortnite, we've got you covered with the exact dates and times, how you can enter, and the Creative Island code.

Fortnite KAWS New Fiction Art Exhibit – Dates and Times

Look at these impressive sculptures! (Picture: Epic Games)

This is the first time a real-world art gallery has been created in Fortnite. It features "augmented reality artwork developed with Acute Art - by world-renowned artist KAWS," as announced by Epic Games.

Fortnite players can hop into the KAWS & Serpentine Hub to explore this in-game art exhibit.

The KAWS New Fiction Art exhibition is filled to the brim with paintings. (Picture: Epic Games)

The exhibition will be the Featured Hub from January 18-25. The exact opening and closing time of the exhibit on these dates is 10:00 a.m. ET. For those in the UK, it's 06:00 UTC.

How to Access KAWS & Serpentine Hub – Island Code

There are two ways to access the KAWS New Fiction Art Exhibit in Fortnite.

First, you can head to the creative playlist, then to the featured hub, where you can simply launch the KAWS & Serpentine hub to enjoy the art exhibit.

Enter the KAWS & Serpentine Hub without delay. (Picture: Epic Games)

Alternatively, you can find the creative island by entering its exact code.

Fortnite KAWS Art Show Island Code: ‭9441-7852-6686

Keep in mind that if you want to appreciate this art and explore the exhibit after January 25, 2022, you can still do so. The KAWS & Serpentine Hub will be available to players via the Creative Island code above.

Enjoy the unique KAWS New Fiction Art exhibit in Fortnite. Remember that there is no shooting or looting. Instead, you can simply enjoy paintings and sculptures, as well as augmented reality artwork!

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Image courtesy of Epic Games.

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