What is the use of supporting an author in Clash of Clans

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With games like Clash of Clans, it is quite normal for people to spend countless time looking for new strategies, information on each character, buildings, magic items and about upgrades. Although Supercell, the developer company, is in charge of communicating and keeping its users updated, sometimes the information they provide is not enough for the players.

This is why multiple gamers become "content creators", to assist the community to test the new tools offered by the game, new characters, new strategies and make great gameplays to inspire the rest to put these methods into practice. . Learn with us why it is worth supporting an Author in Clash Of Clans And how could it benefit you?

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What is the use of supporting an author in Clash of Clans

Who are the authors in Clash of Clans?

Although anyone can make content about the game, not everyone is recognized by Supercell. They must meet certain requirements such as have at least five thousand subscribers to earn your appointment with the developers.

These are some of the most popular:

  • Adam / Team Clash – adam
  • Alvaro845 - Alvaro845
  • AmieNicole - amie
  • Anikilo - anikilo
  • BBok TV - bbok
  • Beaker's Lab - beak
  • BenTimm1 - BT1
  • BigSpin - bigspin
  • Bisectatron Gaming - bisect
  • B-rad - brad
  • BroCast - brocast
  • Bruno Clash - brunoclash
  • Bufarete - buf
  • Brawl Stats - Stats
  • Captain Ben - cptnben
  • CarbonFin Gaming - carbonfin
  • Chief Pat - PAT
  • ChiefAvalon - ChiefAvalon
  • Clash Bashing - bash
  • Clash Champs - Clash Champs
  • ClashGames - clashgames
  • Clash com Nery - nery
  • Clash of Stats - cos
  • Clashing Adda - adda
  • Clash with Eric - Eric
  • ClashPlayhouse - avi
  • DarkBarbarian - wikibarbar
  • eVe MAXI - maxi
  • Ferre - ferre
  • FlobbyCr - flobby
  • FullFrontage - fullfrontage
  • Pixel Crux - crux
  • Ricky Burnett - R3dknight
  • Romain Dot Live - romain
  • Sidekick - sidekick
  • StarList - starlist
  • Well Played - cauemp
  • WithZack - WithZack
  • Wonderbrad - wonderbrad
  • Yde - yde
  • Zoloko - ZOLOKO
  • YoSoyRick - yosoyrick
  • Zsomac - zsomac

What is the use of supporting an author in Clash of Clans

Content creators like these are invaluable to the community and naturally to Supercell, since it is also thanks to them that the popularity of the game is sustained in a remarkable way and encourages users to continue using the app. In addition to this You will never be charged by an assistant for making a donation to your favorite author, simply, when you buy gems in the app, part of the profit will go to the user you choose.

These are multiple reasons to support them:

As a thank you for your work: the main reason why you should consider it, is as a recognition of your hard work. Behind every weblog, video, interaction, there is a lot of time and money that the authors invest to give you the best content.

To have new content: if you want the authors to continue making the content that you like so much, they will need income to get it. To acquire resources, evolve your village, buildings and troops before the rest so you can see if it is also worth acquiring them and use the strategies they teach you.

To get better updates: the community trusts the content authors, they give suggestions of what they would like to find in the game to make it more attractive or when they find a bug in the app. Being influencers, they also have the possibility of being listened to by the exact same developers.

To be aware of benefits: an author is among the first to be informed about the game offers, sweepstakes and giveaways, so they will also be the first to communicate it to their followers.

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