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Cookie run kingdom is an RPG adventure game in which we must save a magical planet from the forces of evil, with some magical cookies with different abilities that we will be able to improve little by little as we advance in the game and get more resources. Apart from that, we will be able to build our kingdom and put there the buildings or constructions that we want.

Nowadays There are about thirty-eight cookies or characters in Cookie Run Kingdom. that we can use, but everyone's big question is What is the best Cookie Run Kingdom cookie? And the truth is that this question is not easy to answer, since there are so many cookies, it becomes something subjective for each person to decide what would be the best cookie in the gameHowever, we have made a list with the five best cookies from Cookie Run Kingdom that exist today.

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What is the Best Cookie Run Kingdom Cookie

Cookie Run Kingdom's Best Cookies

As we mentioned, there are more than thirty-five cookies in the game, so choosing only one cookie as the best could be a bit of an exaggeration, so so that you can select or assemble your complete team with the best cookies, here We will share the list with the best:

  1. Pure Vanilla Cookie: It is a legendary cookie and the oldest in the game, its healing abilities allow it to regenerate HP as time goes by. Another of his abilities is to use a shield that will absorb each and every one of the damage received.
  2. Sherbet Shark Cookie: It is a fairly powerful cookie that with a single attack could finish off the entire opponent line, apart from causing points of damage to the two opposing units with the highest amount of life points.
  3. Sea Fairy Cookie: When you build your cookie team you will need at least 1 or XNUMX cookies that deal high amounts of damage, and the fairy godmothers cookie It is one of the cookies that causes more damage in Cookie Run Kingdom.
  4. Latte Cookie: This magical cookie will attract each and every one of the opponents to a vortex to hurt them, it is an offensive cookie that will be really useful in battle.
  5. Dark Chocolate Cookie: One of the legendary cookies in the game and that works really well as a complement to your team, since one of its abilities is weaken your enemies' defenses by two percent, which is going to cause you to cause them a 20 percent more damage per attack with your other cookies.

These are the best cookies you will be able to achieve in Cookie run kingdom to explore this magical planet and rid it of the evil that rules it, although it is also true that there are many other cookies that are also worth having and trying, in the end, everything will be a matter of your preferences in combat.

This is all we can tell you about what is the best cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. If you liked this note, remember that you can review all the other Cookie Run Kingdom guides that we have free for you.

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