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Tigre Coin Master is a fantastic partner for attacks. Tiger Coin Master, known as Tiger, is one of the most loved pets by most players. Every time he accompanies you, he gives you considerably more coins. carry tiger Coin Master with you to each attack of villages that you are going to execute and take advantage of it a lot.

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Tigre Coin Master

What is Tiger Coin Master

The Coin Master Tiger is an admirable pet with rounded ears and brimming fur on its chest. Tiger, which is his name, is an exceptional ally, ideal to help you carry out attacks on other players' villages, allowing you to earn better rewards.

What does Tigre Coin Master do?

Tiger gives you an incredible advantage on each and every attack he joins you with. When you are in a battle, Tiger will give you more reward coins. Use him when the Attack Professor event is active, and he will surprise you with the coins you can get.

What is Tigre Coin Master for?

As you already know, Tiger gives you a good amount of coins, however receiving these benefits is up to you. Since it is necessary to nourish your pet so that it can level up. To level up, it is also necessary to give them purple potions, this helps them increase their development.

How many levels can Tigre Coin Master achieve?

Tiger can reach one hundred and thirty levels

  • At level one you will get a sixty percent reward on attacks
  • At level one, rewards of one hundred and forty-five percent
  • At level two, rewards of one hundred and ninety-five percent
  • At level thirty, two hundred and thirty-six percent rewards
  • At level forty, two hundred and fifty-six percent rewards
  • At level fifty, two hundred and seventy percent rewards
  • At level sixty, two hundred and eighty percent rewards
  • At level seventy, two hundred and ninety percent rewards
  • At level eighty, three hundred percent rewards
  • At level ninety, three hundred and ten percent rewards
  • Starting at level one hundred, the rewards are three hundred and twenty percent to three hundred and forty percent.

How to achieve Tiger Coin Master

Tiger can only be unlocked by filling The Beast's card pool, which isn't complicated at all. When you already have Tiger, a new egg will appear in the pet section. You only have to touch the egg so that its shell breaks and thus Tiger, your new pet, will be born.

Remember that it is essential that you give Tiger his food as often as possible, to prevent him from falling asleep. Sleeping Tiger isn't going to help with attacks.

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