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En Clash of clans there are troops with singular and unique abilities, many of them march against ground opponents, many others with aerial opponents. The essential thing is to know how to get the most out of each of them depending on the situation you find yourself in. Among these many troops are firewood throwers Clash of Clans, which are a unit that has gained popularity in the community and has seen how it is used in major international competitions. But what does the log shooter do?

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Throw Logs Clash of Clans

Throw Logs Clash of Clans

The renowned log thrower it's a siege engine, which is accessed by completing level five of your workshop. This unit has the peculiarity of firing the logs with a cooldown of a few seconds, these logs can reach up to 4 buildings away or what is exactly the same two squares.

We highlight his other unique ability which is called 'point blank ', that goes like a kind of damage in area, dealing damage to surrounding structures and units. It truly is a huge unit, which unfortunately loses its life after being deployed on the battlefield. His life reduces about one hundred and fifty-five HP per second, so you must use it in the best way and try to save time on each and every attack. 

Another essential aspect to highlight about the log launcher is that for him, their main target is the town hall, so it will make its way little by little until the moment it can reach it and destroy it. 

Offensive strategies to use the log thrower 

  • It is essential that you use this unit sheltered with some golem, this so that you can deploy a greater number of logs in the game. 
  • Another viable strategy is to put it on the opposite side of the enemy township, caused the destruction of many structures until reaching the municipality. In addition to this, logs are great weapons against protective structures. 
  • Fire Logs + Yetis It is a really strong strategy and one of the most common in battles, since the destructive power of the two transforms them into deadly weapons. 

Protective Strategies for the Log Shooter

  • The implementation of multiple layers of walls It will make it very difficult for the logs to enter your base. 
  • La infernal tower is good against the strategy of log thrower + abominable snowman, because he can focus on multiple targets very quickly, he only looks for a position that is the most difficult for the opponent. Especially take care of the archer queen and her attack range. 
  • La use of protected catapults with multiple layers of wall is a safe way to suppress opposing log throwers. 

As we can see, it is a unit with a high degree of compression, which has suffered multiple nerfs since it came out due to the enormous destructive force they have on the battlefield, either to attack with it or to try to defend themselves against their attacks. We emphasize again that you need to play this unit as smart as possible and create as perfect a strategy as possible to get the most out of it in battle. 

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