How to Use Shields in Coin Master

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Those wooden objects in the shape of a circle with certain metal details that appear in the slot machine are Coin Master shields. Shields are extremely useful tools to protect your village from attacks by other players. Learn how to use shields in Coin Master so other players don't attack your village.

Shields on Coin Master with a valuable ally that lets you safeguard each and every one of the resources. The best thing is that getting the resources is not that complex, you just have to use your rolls and wait for three aligned shields to come out in the plot and that's it.

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How to Use Shields in Coin Master

How to Use Shields in Coin Master

The main thing is to have enough rolls so that you can gain shields. Every time you get three shield images lined up in the slot, a shield will be sent to your inventory. Depending on the level you are at, you will be able to know how many shields you will be able to have at the time in your village. As a general rule there are at least three free.

Shields are invaluable items, only the only way to get them is through rolls, you can't buy or trade them. So to get and use them, you just have to earn them.

To verify that your Coin Master shields are active, look at the top of the screen when you enter your village. The shields will appear between the stars and the menu. If you see that each and every shield slot is filled, that means your village is really well protected. If on the contrary, you see certain empty spaces, it means that they have already tried to attack your village and in the process they broke certain shields.

How to get shields in Coin Master

Very simple, using your spins on the slot machine, and getting three aligned shields. Ready! You don't need more. It can be noted that if you already have the spaces filled, which are three, the shields that you continue to earn will be lost, and will be transformed into new rolls.

How to use shields in Coin Master

The first thing is to earn the shields and fill in the spaces. Using shields in Coin Master is not complicated at all, they actually act automatically, having them is enough to protect your village.

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