How to Play Crossplay in Apex Legends

Apex Legends It is a multiplatform game that has become very famous quickly, it has millions of downloads worldwide and we can play it from PC, consoles, Nintendo Switch and now from the current month of March on mobile devices, a shooter that is is expanding significantly and is positioned among the best shooting games. In the article, we are going to talk a bit about the current state of crossplay in Apex Legends

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How to Play Crossplay in Apex Legends

How to Play Crossplay in Apex Legends

El Apex Legends is found on many game console platforms and the community has expanded significantly, many users in the community wonder why crossplay has not yet been applied in Apex Legends as in other games? Since the reality of it is that until the time the game can be used in a related way on consoles, PC and mobile devices.

When crossplay was wanted to be incorporated once, the companies that develop the game began to perceive great protests from some of the players, because they expressed "PC players have more advantages than console players" or sentences such as "the mouse gives greatest advantage that the joystick of the controller does not offer you”. For this reason, the game has remained divided by platform and it is a modality that has worked perfectly for the moment.

At the moment Electronics Arts and Respawn Entertainment have not presented any update regarding Croosplay, so what remains for the community of gamers of Apex Legends is to patiently await news regarding this case. In other related games such as Free Fire, crossplay between PC players and mobile device players has been applied, which has created a huge internal inconvenience among the community, due to the fact that a campaign has been carried out where they express that PC players they have more advantage.

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