How to learn to play Apex Legends

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Apex Legends It is a game that today is very famous, as you spend hours enjoying the experience of this Battle Royale you will understand really well what the purpose of the game is, however, there are many aspects that you have to know when you start playing this genre of platforms. In the article, we will briefly explain to you how to play Apex Legends when you are a beginner. 

The game consists of seventy survivors who fall on an island full of ammunition, medical equipment, weapons, and everything necessary so that you can survive as the safe zone shrinks, you face high and low level people, so that you need to follow these tips that we are going to leave you here.

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How to learn to play Apex Legends

How to learn to play Apex Legends

The first thing you should keep in mind when playing a game of Apex Legends, is where you are going to fall at the beginning of the game, when you play individually you can choose where you want to fall freely, while when you play in teams of 3 the jump leader will choose the best option, we invite you to try each one of the cities of the islands to know how fewer survivors fall, so you will have time to equip yourself enough before your first confrontation. 

You must know how to move on the island at certain times, since most of the players get carried away by the thirst to kill our opponents and get better weapons, in this game, strategy and knowing how to defend yourself is essential. 

Manage your inventory really well and have the right things at the time you are in the game, it is possible that you have a full backpack and there are some materials that you can share with your teammates when you play together. 

Finally and most essential, dominate each and every one of the facets of combat, how to handle weapons and everything related to them, so that you can have a higher level of play than your opponents and you can suppress them easily. Practice in the Apex Legends shooting range and become the best player in your area. 

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