How to Have Low Ping in PubG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is an online Battle Royale whose requirements make it quite attainable. It can run on practically any device that has come out in the last decade, and even has a version for less powerful mobiles. If you have connection problems, we will help you to have a low ping in PUBG Mobile. Let's first talk about why you have a high ping. The truth is that there are quite a few reasons why this could happen. The ping is the delay that you have with respect to what happens in the game. When you play an online game you will always and in all circumstances have a ping meter. 

This is because, naturally, no computer receives the information from the server the instant it is sent. This means that in the game you perceive everything live, but with a certain delay. A ping of 10ms is ideal, but a value less than eighty is enough.

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How to Get Low Ping in PubG Mobile

How to Get Low Ping in PubG Mobile

To have a low ping in PUBG Mobile, you must first focus on the bandwidth you have available. It is common to see networks of up to 30mb, but in such a case the perfect thing is that you have a bandwidth of at least 5gb. Even if it is not, with the following steps we can ensure a 50ms ping with a not so strong connection.

First, close each and every app. These consume background resources that may well be used for uploading and downloading data in PUBG Mobile. Now focus on turning off data saver on your phone, same as power saver.

With the creation of 4g, most people have realized that mobile data can be more powerful than a wi-fi antenna. You can also try to play like this, without depending on the signal of your dealer.

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