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El having everything unlocked in a game is the dream of each and every gamer, access to each and every one of the skins, characters, and all the extra content, is what you want. But in competitive games or games that require a certain skill, and in addition to this, acquiring a character or skin costs you money, it can be very complicated. 

For this reason we see many articles on the network of networks that teach you how to hack clash royale, but the truth is that this is not so simple or much less, it is not like getting into a website and hacking everything. Here we are going to show you the safest and legal methods.

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How to Hack Clash Royale APK

How to Hack Clash Royale APK

Currently to unlock all clash royale content for free there are multiple methods and ways to achieve it. 

How to Hack Clash Royale with happymod

happy mod is one of the most used applications in the world of video games, at least as far as mobile games are concerned. Its use is quite simple and by doing so it will give you access to all the free content of clash royale. 

  1. You need uninstall your clash royale official app. Remember to make sure you have it linked to the Supercell ID so you don't lose your progress. 
  2. You will download the happymod app and you were looking for clash royale. 
  3. Once you finish the whole process you will be able to download again you clash royale app and enjoy your free gems.

How to Hack Clash Royale APK using the MOD APK app

This is one of the most recent forms of hacking, or we could say of the latest apks that have come out and that they have all the content of clash royale for you.

  1. with this mod you will have access to each and every one of the characters and skins of the game for free. 
  2. max gems so that you buy the skins of your choice without contemplation. 
  3. HD graphics since they use a very good quality mode. 
  4. La max elixir bar, as well as each and every unit in the game. 
  5. Your enemies won't be able to hurt you even if you try any kind of strategy to win.

Although it is a hack with many options, most of the activities break the calculation of the game, so we invite you to do it with as discreet as possible and for fair play. 

We remind you that Supercell does not accredit this type of application, so trying to hack the official clash royale server can cause you to be permanently banned from the game. Apart from the fury of many players who try to win with these hacks. For this reason we only recommend playing these hacks on private servers that do not affect the competitiveness of the official game. 

We hope that this content has been useful to you and that you know how to hack clash royale in the fastest and safest way. We recommend that you continue reading all the content related to the planet of clash royale, like many other games on our official page. 

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